We are a fabricator and rebuilder of CBN and PCD cutting tools. We sell a wide variety of standard turning inserts, as well as specialty tools for especially troublesome applications, such as: 


        Profiling and large OD tools for turning rolls and pipe and dies in hardened tool steels and sintered carbide. Special inserts for efficient turning of powdered metals. Boring bars and inserts for small hole boring in hard orabrasive materials - which in our experience far out perform anything else on the market today. ID and OD grooving tools providing depth of cut and rigidity not found in competing tools. In addition, we build custom tooling for a wide variety ofSimon Ellis Superabrasives 937-226-0683  production applications in hardened steel, carbide, and cast iron, as well as non-ferrous abrasive meterials such as aluminum, copper, bronze and plastic. 

    We both fabricate and rebuild inserts and, unlike some others, we focus as much or more effort on rebuilding as we do fabricating new tools. We will maximize the performance and number of uses of your tooling wherever possible. In addition, fast turnaround minimizes your investment in high cost tooling. 

    Located centrally in Dayton, Ohio we are a high quality, responsive vendor with the best turnaround times in the industry. If you have an application for CBN or PCD tooling, please give us a call or send us an email. You will find, as others have, that we can provide levels of quality, service and price rarely matched by our competitors.